A Winged Victory for the Sullen // A Winged Victory for the Sullen // Kranky // 2011

Genre: Ambient, Modern Classical, Minimalism, Drone

It’s 02:42 and I’m still awake. In a few hours I’ll leave for Knoxville, TN to visit an old friend. I’ll be running off a few hours of sleep once I finally depart, but rest has been so plentiful and coffee so serviceable as of late that my body won’t seem to mind. Spring is here again and with it comes a revitalized persona, a heartfelt attitude, and a plethora of now-relevant musicthings that I just couldn’t muster up the courage to put on during even the mildest of winters. Spring is a very reflective time for me personally. It’s a time to look back on relationships I’ve developed, hobbies and interests I’ve broadened, or general life skills I’ve augmented in a grand attempt to become a more productive, wholesome adult. It’s a time to give thanks to the things that are my livelihood, and to be gracious to those who help grow them.

Last night, my girlfriend reminded me that we are approaching two years with each otherA monumental relationship landmark. There are so many implications that come with a two-year anniversary, but for now I am choosing to ignore them. Every new day has been a chance for us to grow with each other, to learn about each other, to find something to love in each other. These are things that are not guaranteed by the passing of days, but by the efforts we put in. Love is not a tangible entity with finite potential; it will soar into the sky if we can only water its seeds sufficiently. What incredible trees I have seen grow in the past two years. I know that they will be more beautiful in years to come. Neither of us have ever reached this point in a relationship before, so every step we take is new, unexplored ground, and I couldn’t have chosen a better girl to take with me on the journey.

These moments are so difficult to create, but so beautiful to experience. Sometimes they can’t be shared and we keep them to ourselves as memories, but that’s okay… Maybe they weren’t meant to be.