Recommended Listening

Gas // Pop // Mille Plateaux // 2000

Genre: Ambient, Drone, Nature Recordings, Ambient Techno, Minimal Techno

I get writer’s block every time I try and scribble my thoughts on this album. Back when Pitchfork was writing decent reviews, Mark Richard-San wrote this review for Pop. This album embodies everything I love about the repetitious nature of ambient music and the depth that can be drawn from within.

Max Richter // Memoryhouse // Late Junction // 2002

Genre: Modern Classical, Ambient

Swans // White Light From the Mouth of Infinity // Young God // 1991

Genre: Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Neofolk

Swans has one of the most diversified careers in modern music and with this album, so began the best four album stretch in the Swans’ discography that culminated in the seminal first wave post-rock masterpiece, 1996’s Soundtracks for the Blind, but it’s important to not undermine the stepping stones.

Recommended Listening


Jon Hassell// Aka/Darbari/Java – Magic Realism // Editions EG // 1983

Genre: Tribal Ambient

The 80’s were a huge breakthrough for tribal ambient music and even though Hassell had already made significant headway in the scene with Fourth World Vol. 1: Possible Musics and Fourth World Volume Two: Dream Theory in Malaya, they were only preparation for this massively influential magnum opus. Thanks to Chris Caver for the wonderful recommendation.


Tim Buckley // Goodbye and Hello // Elektra // 1967

Genre: Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock, Contemporary Folk, Chamber Folk, Baroque Pop, Psychedelic Folk


Steve Reich // Music for 18 Musicians // ECM // 1978

Genre: Minimalism

Recommended Listening


Earth // Pentastar: In the Style of Demons // Sub Pop // 1996

Genre: Drone, Psychedelic Rock, Drone Metal


B12 // Prelude Part 1 // B12 // 1993

Genre: Ambient, IDM, Techno, Ambient Techno


Edgar Froese // Epsilon in Malaysian Pale // Virgin // 1975

Genre: Berlin School, Ambient, New Age, Progressive Electronic