I got lost in this one this morning in one of those captivating moments that seems to freeze the flow of time temporarily. I didn’t blink for a minute while I stared at the handle of a fork, totally hypnotized by these words. My brain wanted to listen, but my ears beat me to it.

Ian William Craig – “Contain (Cedar Version)”

Say my name
I will vibrate
And I will linger in the sound for a time
Gathering all of your tiny pieces
And all the things I didn’t get quite right

Stories fallen, from the mountain
We tread upon them softly
These words are slow vessels
That were never meant to contain anything at all

Stole a smile in a swarm of strangers,
Tidal waves, and tragedies
Your eyes, they were sweet assassins
Pulling memories just out of reach
‘Cause we’re machines of
Of forgetting
Throwing all these things to time
The future in your folded palm
How I long to walk that line

So come in from this haunted weather and
Tend the fire a while with me
Say my name and I will vibrate
I will not contain
Contain you at all